Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Snakefingers Vestal Virgins' - Night of Desirable Objects.

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I only recently discovered the extraordinary talent of Snakefinger and find myself utterly beguiled by his esoteric genius. I am a great admirer of 'The Residents' and after hearing Snakefinger's solo material I became quite aware of how integral his uber-skronk guitar genius was to the overall texture of the Eyeball kings of dementoid pop. Generally there's is little I enjoy less than the self-aggrandizing playing of a 'virtuoso' guitarist; but Snakefinger is something quite special indeed. Being a rapid fan of Beefheart and Zappa I swiftly recognized some familiar idiosyncratic musical patterns they also share with Snakefinger's infectious gonzoid psychotronic oeuvre. This man's delirious songsmithery and guitar wizardry is woefully underrated and the scarce availability of his solo works is, sadly, unlikely to change that in the near future;but one hopes this might change.

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Snakefinger - 'Chewing Hides The Sound' (1979) 

Thus far this might be one of my 'Snakefinger' faves, not least because of the entirely splendid covers of Kraftwerks' 'The Model' & truly brain-broiling interpretation of Morricone's 'Magic and Ectasy'; and his original composition 'kill the great raven' is quite magnificent.

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Another glorious heft of Snakefinger!

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