Sunday, 19 December 2010

Bathroom musings.

The powerful need to sing / emote in the shower has always been of interest to me. Why do we do it? No one feels the need to project loud sonorities when handling ripe yams (That said, I would personally applaud anyone who did) Post-work out, mere tinkle-seconds into the wretched shower dousing me in a searing swathe of searing hot water, I immediately affected the obligatory lower register key and made with the ubiquitous pub singer version of whatever I was listening to previously. Tonight it was the stylish & sophisticated 'Hot Blooded' by those meek-rock overlords 'Foreigner'.   I never do the whole song mind you, just the chorus and some staccato "I don't know the lyrics" bass-laden humming, possibly in a lower key than "Hot Blooded" M-M-M, with of course the personalized lyrical embellishment..."Hot Belnade; suck it and see! M-M-M....Hot Belnade, suck it and see" (Suck it and see is in keeping with the song's libidinous overtones) From my understanding 'Hot Blood' is in fact an ancient Greek medical term for the rush of burning plasma that is swiftly pumped into the spongy tissue of an aroused penis; so as you can see I always keep my musical embellishments within the song's milieu; this particular track being that of a glib, burnished ode to successful erectile function and praising the fine personage (Man or Lady) that generated said pleasure swelling. Occasionally I might burst into song whilst cooking; but that really is a more percussive arena...I'm not entirely sure you can be a truly heterosexual male animal and not bang pots & pans with arrhythmic rigor whilst waiting for your stew to mash.

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