Friday, 24 December 2010

Grist for my Will. (Accept - I'm A Rebel)

During the long and moribund process of writing the play I did find my willpower quaking on more than one occasion; as if it wasn't bad enough repeatedly staring at this infernal acreage of LCD screen, my very own mind frequently turned traitor, insisting that all my hardy travails were a fruitless labour and would prove to be of little value or interest outside of my own giddy psyche. But fortunately I have a secret arsenal on which to call upon when my swine ID is being mutinous...and that is: HEAVY FUCKING METAL! Yes, this unfairly maligned genre (Amusingly it's most vociferous detractors are generally by those who wouldn't know a quality riff from a lanced bunion!) I can remember watching the legendary BBC Arena heavy metal docco, where a misguided, carrot-topped, arrogant Axel Rose made snarky, disparaging remarks about the headliners Iron Maiden (not only is this heretical it's also utter idiocy!) so clearly this febrile musical idiom isn't even safe from internecine power / Ego struggles; which is probably why its true fans are so obsessively loyal. (To the point of mania in some cases!) My lifelong fealty to metal is primarily due to it's power to motivate me during times of emotional / spiritual weakness; very little charges my body & soul than a flurry of over-zealous power chord, especially one that is amplified through a skyscraper-sized stack of Marshall amps. (Certainly helps if it's Michael Schenker doing the  fret histrionics!) 

Another brief peek into my riff-saturated mind: (Below was a spontaneous addition to this post)

  (With both The early Scorpions, UFO & MSG albums Schenker was unequivocally the little boy guitarist who could!)

Insecurity and paranoia are, of course, a writer's constant companion and any process, alchemical or otherwise that can stem these corrupting influences should be given the respect it deserves. Accept, one of Germany's finest Hard Rock / Metal exports are a band that have remained a resolute fixture in my play list for over two decades, and this is unlikely to change in the near future.  For some singular reason Europe has produced many of the most enduring and influential metal acts since its genesis in the late 70's early 80's; why this should be is, frankly, a mystery; but I, for one, welcome it unreservedly. Whilst writing the play I found myself repeatedly listening to their 'I'm A Rebel' album far more than my default setting of 'Restless & Wild' or 'Breaker'. 'I'm A Rebel' is clearly more a product of the groove-based, anthemic hard rock-era of the 70's than the burnished, proto-thrash of 'Fast As A Shark' (the latter proving to be of great influence to a legion of future US fret shredders) So enough fanboy blether...ACCEPT I SALUTE YOU FOR SERVICES RENDERED!  

(Udo is rocking a fine mane of flaxen barnetry there!) 

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