Monday, 20 December 2010

Monday Ambers!

Couldn't make it to a chum's Xmas din-dins due to sketchy weather so I decided to hunker down and get some work done instead, admittedly not very festive, but quite necessary. Finished the first sketch with my new degenerate characters which, unlike my recent re-writes was a fun thing to do; so this will hopefully be the first of many unpleasant adventures. This sobriety business is quite "interesting", there are a few notable pluses but the one area that I wanted to improve (Sleep) remains a thorny issue; from what I've read, alcohol is meant to be an irritant; viz a viz keeping regular sleep patterns; yet unfortunately, in my case, the negation of alcohol plays no dominant role, as this weekend, again, I slept very poorly...I'm slowly coming to the horrible realisation that it might be the writing that is causing all the restless nights; one can't spend all day thinking and expect the churning brain rig to simmer down at night; those bastard coils continue to broil ideas all night long. I think I'll have a couple of beers this week, frankly, if it isn't gonna help me sleep any better then it's a pointless sacrifice; besides I miss the malty goodness in my life!   

(My friend I have missed thine frothy sanctuary!)
After three dry weeks that heavenly image contains a most powerful mojo indeed! (Said vision is so enticing it's almost pornographic) To look at that beverage's sublime green & red symmetry it seems entirely inconceivable that it is the root cause of so much of life's miseries; if only it didn't taste so bastard delicious!  (Christ! got to stop lusting after those shapely dispensers of liquid bliss!)

Will make a concerted effort to work on the script later, but now the very idea has scant appeal. Did wake up with a powerful yen to listen to some Ministry; I've always been willing to appease my whims, so I dug some out, still sounds peachy to me! (No doubt it is the preferred listening for insomniacs across the globe)

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