Saturday, 18 December 2010


Oh leaf tea, how I love thee! (Fucking Rhymes innit!) A creature of habit, none more rigorous than my morning tea.  Yorkshire Tea, just merely mentioning it brings on a sweet pungent reverie. Anyhoo, the point being is in the labeling, not the leaf tea itself (Which is truly sublime) It claims "Makes a lovely cup of tea' Now this surely implies that it is a foolproof product; you're never going to have to deal with a sketchy cuppa; not so. The legend should read 'makes a lovely cup of tea; as long as you're not a twat-hole who's going to pour tepid water over merely one meagre spoonful of tea. But it doesn't say that; hence my incredulity at its bold claim. (I've actually seen this happen #shudder# this being one of my most indelible scars) A "lovely cup of Tea" is as subjective an experience as say being a Quo fan; as some fellow's will be equally as vociferous in negating our nation's premier boogie darling's musical merit, ditto with tea. I take tea strong to the point of it taking on astringent properties; but some #eek# take it milky with NO SUGAR! What kind of human grotesque doesn't put sugar in their tea? Again, as much as I appreciate the twee succour of their comforting claim 'Makes a lovely cup of Tea' it's high time this erroneous implication was amended. But incredulity aside, doesn't the image below make you feel all yummy inside!

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